Why contact a real estate agency


Our homes or properties in which we work are our most precious and loved assets. This is why it is important to work with a trusted consultant who has a deep knowledge of the real estate market and who can know the price of a property to help the seller find the highest possible offer, quickly.

Serious real estate agent puts the seller at the center. It informs about the market reality and can propose the sale of a property in order to attract the largest number of interested buyers.
An experienced Real Estate Agent maintains excellent relationships within the brokerage community and manages all aspects of the transaction well. He also knows how to identify interested buyers, optimizing the entire sales process from beginning to end.


Why Giordano Immobiliare


The reasons to sell with us in one word: trust.

Trust is the basis of our results and this is why our customers acquired over the years continue to turn to us. GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE offers each seller a program tailored to their needs: correct evaluation, selection of all potential customers, sale at the right price quickly and full advice and assistance at every stage. This is just one of the advantages we offer as an independent private company. With an unparalleled level of discretion and personalized attention, our customers enjoy the best of both worlds: a company that is small and agile enough to meet a seller's needs, but with the infrastructure and resources of a large company. We are registered with F.I.M.A.A. (Italian Federation of Business Brokers) and accredited by OSMI - REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE of the Milan Chamber of Commerce for the detection of the prices of the provinces of Milan and Monza and Brianza.
In addition to the many private individuals, we can count among our clients: PHONAK ITALIA SRL, SONOVA SPA, ARQUATI SPA, POSTE ITALIANE SPA, SKY ITALIA SRL, FIMPA SPA, FMR SRL.


GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE can place a property quickly and at the highest possible price. We are skillful negotiators who know how to interpret complicated financial statements, assess the buyer's qualifications and anticipate other factors that can positively conclude or interrupt negotiations. Our professionals recommend that the property be properly prepared to ensure that it is "presented" to the fullest. The properties of the sellers are also beautifully represented in our advertisements, with excellent quality photographs that put every list of properties of the GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE in a class of its own. When you are ready to sell, we advise you to take a look at how other companies offer their properties. We are confident that GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE stands out from the competition.


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