Our Agency

Since 1989, GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE has carried out mediation activities for the sale or rental of any type of property, from the single property unit to the entire building and offers a global service that satisfies every real estate need. It is also specialized in the business of buying and selling commercial activities. It has its headquarters in Bresso (MI) and operates mainly in Milan and the Province and Monza and Brianza.

We have a marked inclination to advice and assistance, and we have agreements with some of the major credit institutions for obtaining mortgages and loans. Over the years we have established important collaborations with leading Construction Companies, becoming exclusive partners and we now have numerous properties under construction. We employ numerous collaborations established with well-known professionals of proven ability and selected over time, including notaries, architects, surveyors, construction companies, tax consultants and lawyers.

We are registered with F.I.M.A.A. (Italian Federation of Business Brokers Agents) since 1992 as a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism and we are accredited by OSMI - REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE for the detection of prices in Milan and Province and Monza and Brianza. The experience gained in over 30 years of activity, the high degree of professionalism and the quality of the services offered, allow us to propose ourselves today as one of the most qualified and accredited operators in the sector.

About us


Lorenzo Giordano has been working in the real estate sector for over 30 years. After graduating in business, he attended the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Milan and subsequently participated in various internships and continued in the study of all contractual aspects concerning the real estate sector.

After his beginnings in various economic sectors, mainly as a consultant, which have increased his personal and professional experience, in 1989 he joined the Chamber of Commerce in the role of individual real estate agent. In 1994 he founded GIORDANO IMMOBILIARE of which he is still the legal representative and since then he has continued his business uninterruptedly successfully. In fact, there have been countless transactions, including those of significant economic size, that have been completed over the years.

He has been a member of the FIMAA since 1989 and is part of the price survey agents in Milan and the Province and Monza and Brianza for the Real Estate Exchange of the Chamber of Commerce.

Skilled and patient negotiator, he also has a particular interest in marketing techniques and the application of the most advanced technologies. An innate passion for his work, continuous updates and his deep knowledge of the subject, both from a technical, legal and fiscal point of view, allow him to offer all Giordano Immobiliare customers the maximum guarantee of safety in all real estate transactions.


Roberto Giordano has been working in the real estate market of Milan and the Province and Monza and Brianza for over 20 years. He began his career as an athlete in the world of sport at an early age as a football player who practiced up to excellent levels and later as a coach. His sporting background has helped to shape his disciplined and determined character, but sociable and available to everyone and with qualities of humanity and attention to others, which he rarely happens to meet. His organizational and teamwork skills are excellent.

Subsequently, after the first years of activity in the real estate sector in which he acquired professionalism and experience, he started his own business, proposing himself as a business finder and offering consulting services in the sector.

Roberto's dedication to his customers, professionalism, strong work ethic and his strong skills in interpersonal relationships, have made him today one of the most appreciated and well-liked brokers in the area in which he operates. Over the years he has consolidated numerous collaborations with customers who in many cases, over time, consider him a friend to trust. In addition to thousands of private individuals, he has worked with various construction companies and has favored the completion of numerous sales for a total of several million euros.