Case History

New residential complex

A historic Construction Company has entrusted us with the sale of a new residential complex located in the Municipality of Monza consisting of a residential building with 10 apartments and 14 garages. We therefore carried out a market research on the valuation of properties in the area and contributed to the formation of the price list. After more than 300 contacts and within 3 months from the completion date, we have sold all the real estate units.

14 storey building

An important Construction Company based in Milan has entrusted us with the lease of the individual housing units of a new building located in the heart of the Municipality of Seregno with 14 floors for residential use and consisting of 52 apartments and 72 boxes. We have prepared the rental plan by preparing everything necessary to complete the assignment, selecting the potential interested parties. To date we have rented all the apartments and continue to manage them on behalf of the property with which we have concluded other real estate transactions, thanks to the excellent relationship that has been consolidated over time.

New residential complex

A renowned Construction Company has entrusted us with the sale of a new residential complex located in the Municipality of Giussano consisting of three residential buildings of 30 apartments and 58 garages. Also in this case we have prepared the sales plan by preparing everything necessary to complete the assignment. Despite the initiative we started shortly before the real estate crisis between 2008 and 2012, the operation, made possible also thanks to the Banca Popolare di Bergamo, was successfully concluded.

Industrial building

A well-known textile company of national importance based in Parma has commissioned us to find a buyer for its own industrial warehouse of approx. 5,000 located in the Municipality of Seregno and no longer included in the new industrial plan. We then completed the assignment by finding as buyer a well-known company operating in the orthopedic aids sector that took over the property, supporting the parties in all the phases that led to the conclusion of the contract. All this was also possible with the collaboration of our partner from Parma and UniCredit Leasing.

Continuous Collaboration

It was the year 1996 when we started a collaboration with a well-known and historic Milanese construction company set up in S.p.a., owner of several hundred real estate units located in prestigious areas of Milan and in the province and all leased. Since then we have rented hundreds of real estate units on their behalf, mostly residential but not limited to, selecting potential interested parties and helping them find the most suitable solution for their needs.

Sede Multinazionale Milanese

An important entrepreneur in the publishing sector has received cancellation of the lease of a large office building, located in a semi-central area of ​​Milan and rented to a multinational. Our partner from Parma represented the need of its client to urgently find a new tenant, possibly within the nine months of the notice period and with the same solidity characteristics as the previous one. We quickly identified a new tenant, a Swiss multinational in the medical sector and managed the negotiations, solving several problems related to the temporary delay in the takeover and we concluded the operation.